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GA in Solving VRP (C.Map + Vc)


USD 39.90

Package Detail :
  • Full Working Source Code Visual C# Project Constains:
    • Additional Vehicle Capacity Integrated GA Engine
    • Fitness Value Export Engine
    • Custom Map Import Engine
    • Visualization map
    • Fitness Value Visualization Graph
    • Potential Road Generation Engine
  • Custom Map (C.Map) Features Include:
    • Enable Custom Map Input For Map Representation
    • Documentation on Map Input Format Specification
    • Methodology on Map Importing Function
  • Additional Vehicle Capacity (Vc) Features Include:
    • Methodology on Vehicle Capacity Contraint Implementation
    • Document on Additional Constraints In Custom Map Specification
    • New Methematic Models In Fitness Value Calculation To Consider Vc
  • Methodology Documentation Contains:
    • Choromose Data Structure Representation
    • Calculation of Fitness Value
    • DNA Data Structure Map To Potential Roads
  • Basic GA Research Notes
  • GA Research Notes On VRS Problem
  • Email Support
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