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GA in Solving VRP (C.Map)
This project contain all the feature available in GA in Solving VRP (Basic). Additional feature implemented to enable user to import their own coordinate for their own custom map. With this feature available, some user able to link / test the GA model integration with Google Earth or Virtual Earth technology.!

For this simulation package, Dijkstra Algorithm in finding shortest path solution also included in the simulation implementation for the purpose of validation. Documentation provided together with this package for further understand the map coordinate specification as well as to input the location properties. Properties for each location include: the name (act as ID), the X coordinate, Y coordinate, Road(s), which will represent a path that connecting 2 locations, the distance of the road. Further enhancement can be made to include more properties in each location such as population, demands of food (in kg) for each location and etc.

Below provided the data structure of the map that the simulation take:
#[X coordinate],[Y coordinate], [Location ID]
#[Road Id],[Distance],[Speed Allowed],[Condition]
#[Speed Allowed (Max = 300km/h), The more, the better]
#[Condition (Percentage, Max = 100), The less, the better]
Documentation will be provided for further explain on how the map in the package auto arrange all the supplied coordinates and draw the map properly.
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